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Professional Radon Testing

Are you a radon skeptic? So was I. You've probably already seen or heard all sorts of explanations but here is the simple truth. Because of the rock formations around Baltimore, the EPA has determined that we are at a high risk for radioactive particles making their way from the ground into our homes and lungs causing cancer.

Radon is considered such a serious problem that some jurisdictions (like Montgomery County) require radon testing for home purchases. Routine testing is also recommended by the EPA, even if you have a mitigation system.

I provide certified radon testing using a continuous monitoring device. This is not only tamper-proof, but it allows me to measure the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure along with the radon level. Most tests run for 48 hours and have instant results which include trending as well as an average reading.

Radon testing can be performed with or without a home inspection. An electronic report is sent via email.

ways radon enters a home radon testing is recommended in all homes


  • A professional radon test is $165 ($135 with home inspection) for a typical house.
  • The runs for at least 48 hours by EPA protocol. Results arrive by email the same day the test ends.
  • Contact me to get scheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can, but the test most likely won't be accurate or hold up legally. There are specific procedures for performing a true radon test. It is not worth the risk to save a few bucks by performing an amateur DIY test.
Absolutely. Routine testing can ensure that your system is installed properly and working to keep your family safe.
Unfortunately, they are offering the testing because they want to sell their services. I am an independent third-party who holds nothing to gain by whatever the results say.

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InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector

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