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Lead Paint Inspections

The Maryland Lead Risk Reduction in Housing Law requires lead paint inspections to be conducted at various times. A rental unit constructed prior to 1978 must meet applicable inspection standards set forth by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). We are here to help and can walk you though the process. Please read the MDE Fact Sheet for additional information.

Full Risk Reduction Inspections

We will visually inspect the interior and exterior for any chipping flaking or peeling paint. If all painted surfaces are in good condition, we will take dust wipe samples. In houses with wooden windows, two samples are taken per room. If vinyl windows are present, only one sample per room is required. Dust samples are then mailed to a laboratory where they are analyzed. If results are satisfactory, we will issue a Full Risk Reduction certificate.

Please follow the steps below to have your lead inspection go as smoothly as possible and to avoid additional fees for re-testing:

  1. Register with MDE to obtain a tracking number. We will need this number.
  2. Contact us to set up an appointment. We can usually fit you on the schedule within a few days. Make sure you will have time to complete the steps below.
  3. If possible, install vinyl windows throughout the property. Old wooden windows are difficult to maintain and almost always lead to a failed inspection.
  4. Check the condition of all of the paint inside and outside of the home as well as any any garages, sheds, etc. There should be no chipping, peeling, flaking or damaged paint of any kind including damaged drywall, gouges in paint, worn trim work or chipped corners.
  5. Remove any construction debris from the home and thoroughly clean up any paint chips left behind during repairs.
  6. Clean the entire inside of the home with soap and water. Pay special attention to window wells, window sills, door casings, and flooring.
  7. After cleaning, vacuum the entire area again using a HEPA or high quality vacuum cleaner.
  8. Visually inspect the unit and the soil outside the unit to ensure that all areas are free of debris and dust.

Once a Full Risk reduction certificate has been issued it will expire at tenant turnover. A new Full Risk Reduction inspection must take place prior to the new tenants moving into the property.

Lead-Free Inspections

At this time we do not offer these inspections due to the high cost and the likelyhood that lead will be found unless the house has been completely remodeled. These inspections are typically at least $300 from other providers who use an XRF gun to analyze the layers of paint on all surfaces inside and outside the home. If lead is found, those surfaces will have to be removed and the house re-tested or the owner may have to face the additional cost of a Full Risk Reduction Inspection.

This information was verified correct on December 12, 2017. Please confirm with the Maryland Department of the Environment.


  • Costs vary based on the size of the property and types of windows. Each room including hallways/bathrooms requires 1 or 2 samples.
  • The initial cost is $75 plus $15 per sample. Turnaround is about 5 business days but rush processing is available for a fee.
  • Contact us to get scheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes about 5 business from the time samples are taken to receive the laboratory report then 1-2 days to receive the certificate from us in the mail. Rush processing is available for a fee.
No, only the room that fails needs to be re-tested.

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